Keep going 

Remember this, when you feel so alone. 

When you’re hurting, scared. Hear these words. 

You are here for a reason. You are necessary. Don’t give up hope.

Only you can move you closer to living the life you want to live. Becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

Keep going, my friend. You’ve got this. 


With love, Shar

Lead with love

Our time together on this planet is short. 

From early on we’re plagued with expectations set on us or by us. To do more. Be more. Give more. To be better. To prove ourselves. 

To have more “likes” and “followers” … To be funnier, smarter, younger, prettier, thinner, stronger. Often at the expense of one another.

It’s easy to get caught up in it all. Basing our own self-worth on things that may or may not truly define us.

As time goes on we may lose our way. Until one day when we are old and gray, we may look around to find our friends and loved ones have moved on.

Perhaps there’s a better way. 


Let’s link arms. On this day let us inspire and be inspired by the living of life with our eyes and hearts wide open. And the giving of our love generously. 


With love, Shar

Celebrate love

If you are lonely, and missing someone tonight. 

I hope you can find a way to honor the person you love. And yourself.

May you find comfort in knowing you are not alone in this world.

And wherever you may be in this journey called life, I hope you’ll celebrate love.


With love, Shar

*featured photo: Billy Ray Jones, my dad (8/19/47-3/19/14)


They say we must move through the pain to be free. I believe this to be true.

I believe during these otherwise invisible moments, this is where we might discover a new way of looking at the world, and ourselves.

Perhaps it’s here in our own vulnerability that we can quietly discover a new more meaningful path of self-exploration … thereby finding more opportunities to give.

With love, Shar